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The bounce is wonderfully relaxing and precise. Almost any rhythm supported
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17 March 2014

Editor's review

This software tool will enable you keep time for various complex time rhythm patterns used in music, helps musical practice.

Bounce helps you to keep time for many complex rhythm patterns used in music. These patterns will include odd time, swing, drum patterns, polyrhythms, polyrhythm cycles, and mixed meters as well as any number of subdivisions. It is easy to set tempo over an unlimited range, gradual tempo changes, tap in time with music to set and with go silent stages. The tool lets you hear the rhythm clearly. All possible accents are reproduced and it can drive midi instruments. You would be able to set instruments for individual beats along with chords, fractal tunes, and harmonic metronomes. The application provides visual clue to the rhythms through the bounce capability so that it is easy to practice the timing pattern. As see you a visual baton coming down at the rate of the beats, you get a visual lead to follow the pattern and thus get used to it easily.

The visual clues must be one of the major niceties of the interface of this tool. They are well designed and implemented well. The metronome is able to handle all kinds of rhythm patterns. This includes even odd time patterns as well as swing, polyrhythms, rhythm cycles, drum rudiments and many rare rhythms. To help with the practice you can change the rhythm gradually faster or slower, stepping progression, etc. You can add brief silent passage too. A range of patterns can be added as needed. What is available include fairly complex ones that include swing, paradiddles, polyrhythms, additive rhythm or mixed meters and Flamenco Compas. It also includes complex ones such as 4/4, 4/5, 4/3 as harmonic polyrhythm and gradually changing tempo, etc. This is a remarkable product. If you have the need, just go ahead and use it.

Publisher's description

Beginners find the bounce visuals wonderfully easy to use. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities. It's like "your own conductor to help you keep time" SOS rev. 2010
Accessible for deaf, colour blind & visually impaired musicians, and especially designed to help musicians with metronome technique.
* Steady metronome tick
* All time signatures including odd, such as 5/4, 7/4, 11/4 etc
* Swing
* Drum rudiments such as paradiddles
* Buzz rolls with any number of strokes
* Notated rhythms
* Additive rhythms like 3+2+3/4
* Flamenco Compás
* Polyrhythms like 4:3 (cross rhythms).
* Polymeters like 2/4 with 3/8 (same beat size for each rhythm, measures differ).
* Rhythm progressions (e.g. for the sections of a song)
* 4/4 over 4/3 type polyrhythms (Brian Ferneyhough's notation)
* 4/4 + 7/8 type additive rhythms for Jazz
* Cycles of polyrhythms as in Indian music
* Rhythm phasing as in music of Steve Reich
* Accent any beat, or skip beats with a single click
* Adjust individual beat volumes and times.
* Auto accents (e.g. Jazz accents),
* Sounds stereo panned to follow the bouncing ball as an extra cue for your position in the measure.
* Use a different sound for each part or even every note
* Harmonic metronome and rhythmicon to explore interactions of rhythms and pitches
* Chord progressions played in time with the bounce
* Use ny instrument, percussion or melodic, so long as it can be played via midi.
* Beeps, and other sounds with its Wave Shape Player
* Preview rhythm melodically, as a fractal tune
* Tap in time with music to set tempo
* Set any tempo - not limited to 24 to 208 bpm
* Fractional BPM.
* Can do gradual tempo changes, faster or slower
* Stepping progressions for speed drills
* Programmable with tempo and rhythm progressions
* Go silent briefly - to help internalize a precise sense of time.
Bounce Metronome
Bounce Metronome
Version 4.5
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